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About us

The law firm Incasso-Holding which specializes in debt recovery service was founded in 1993.
The firm started to work with Baltic countries, gradually extending the scope of its activities in Russia and other CIS countries, providing services to commercial banks, international companies, state and private enterprises, offshore firms.
Constantly extending the sphere of our service, Incasso-Holding is formed by a number of firms, specialized in debt recovery services in particular areas, which effect successful activities in Russia and in many other countries of the world.
Our success is based not only on professionalism of our experts and a high quality service, but on the usage of the latest technologies, access various information sources and discretion.
International character of the firm makes it possible to solve successfully problems connected with debt recovery beyond the boarders of one countries, including offshore zones all over the world.

Short list of our VIP-Clients

1. BP-Amoco
3. Samsung Corporation, Inc.
5. 3M
6. Polaroid
7. S.E.B. Bank
8. Trans Siberian Express Service Ltd.
9. Heinz
10. Euro Foods
11. Mercury Facilities
12. Pioneer Real Estate, Inc.
13. Continental
14. Chemofarm
15. Russian Chamber of Commerce
16. Brandy & Schnipper
17. Kristall
18. Novolipetsk Iron & Steel Corporation (Russia)
19. Aeroflot
20. Paveletski bank (Russia)
21. Hansa Pank (Estonia)
22. Ruselectronics Corp.
23. Total Credit Management ("TCM")
24. Mirae Credit Co.
25. Luftfartsverket SSC ("S.A.S")